Clinpath Laboratories offers an extensive pathology collection service which includes not only the collection of blood samples but also therapeutic venesections, autologous blood collection and storage for transfusion, bone marrow biopsies, fine needle aspirates, and cardiology services including ECGs, Holter monitors and 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring.

Our full-time medical practitioner, Dr Michael Speedy, has a particular interest in the management of patients requiring regular venesections, and is also responsible for our autologous transfusion service. Together with our haematologists, Dr Speedy is also available for bone marrow biopsies and other procedures as described below.

Dr Mike Speedy

Dr Michael Speedy BM, BS(Hons)

08 8366 2087

Medical Director, Pathology Collection Services

Dr Speedy trained at Flinders Medical Centre and has extensive experience in all out-patient collection procedures. He has worked previously in Queensland in Medical Procedures as well as in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. He is a member of the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners and is part of our expert team of experienced and dedicated medical staff that includes clinicians as well as pathologists. Dr Speedy works closely with our consultant haematologists, Dr Lakshmi Nath, A/Prof Nick Wickham and Dr Shriram Nath, and with our Collections and Courier Supervisor, Mel Tuzewski.



Venesection clinics are held at the following patient centres:

Adelaide CBD    Level 1, 285 Wakefield Street, Adelaide (Effective 4th December 2017)

Ingle Farm   4/15 Roopena Street, Ingle Farm

Mount Barker   Shop A, 13 Gawler Street, Mount Barker

  • Therapeutic venesections are indicated for specific conditions including haemochromatosis, polycyhaemia and porphyria cutanea tarda
  • Venesections are performed under the supervision of Dr Speedy
  • Monitoring of blood results and frequency of venesections as per your doctor's request
  • We can advise your doctor regarding the management of conditions requiring venesection, and also advise on the treatment goals for the specific conditions as well as the appropriate frequency of venesection and related blood tests
  • All venesections and associated pathology tests are bulk-billed 


Venesection referrals can be made on a Clinpath Laboratories request form and marked 'For the attention of Dr Speedy'. Venesections are by appointment only, please call Dr Speedy's office on 08 8366 2087 to make a booking.



Storage of patients own blood prior to surgery. Autologous blood collection is performed at our Adelaide CBD clinic by appointment only, please call Dr Speedy's office on 08 8366 2087 to make a booking.



Samples are sent routinely for morphology, immunophenotyping (on-site flow cytometry), cytogenetics and histology. Molecular testing is available by special arrangement through our colleagues in Sonic Clinical Genetics.

For patients with private health insurance, we can provide the following:

  • All bone marrows performed under IV sedation in day procedure units/theatres
  • Urgent cases, in most circumstances, can usually be performed within 24 hours of request
  • If required, we can coordinate with surgeons to perform the procedure at the same time as other surgery (eg. lymph node biopsies)
  • Clinpath will organise the appropriate hospital and anaesthetic booking in consultation with the patient and referring doctor and can be arranged in any of Adelaide's private hospitals
  • Prompt turnaround time for results
  • All Clinpath involvement, ie. the procedure and associated pathology is bulk-billed, or charged directly to the patient's health fund, ie. no out of pocket expenses for the patient
  • If assessed as suitable, for patients without private insurance, we can perform bone marrow procedures under local anaesthetic at our main Adelaide CBD clinic

Please call Dr Michael Speedy directly on 0410 221 490 to discuss and/or make a booking for a bone marrow biopsy.


ECGs are performed at many of our collection centres by appointment and the tracing can either be delivered direct to the doctor or it can be returned with a full cardiologist report.

Holter Monitors are performed at the request of your doctor and provide a 24 hour record of your ECG with information about heart rate and rhythm. The Holter Monitor is worn for 24 hours and has to be fitted and removed at one of our collection centres by appointment.

24-hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors are designed to measure your blood pressure at regular intervals throughout the day and night. This test is now recommended as a more reliable assessment of blood pressure than single reading. The recording device and pressure cuff have to be fitted and removed at one of our designated collection centres by appointment (or at a more convenient location by special arrangement) and you need to return to the same centre.

Please note: ECGs and Holter Monitors are reimbursed under Medicare (bulk-billed). Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors are not yet reimbursed under Medicare (there is no charge for DVA Gold Card holders) and the standard charge is $90.

Please ring Patient Services on 08 8366 2088 to book all Cardiology tests

Or book online via