Innovating pathology services to improve patient care


Are you looking for innovative ways to improve patient care?


As Aged and Home Care providers continue to seek innovative models of care focused around the patient, Clinpath Pathology are pleased to offer you an opportunity to implement onsite pathology services. This new model allows all patients, with different care packages and needs, to access a primary health care service, in a space where they feel comfortable and which is easily accessible to them.

Just imagine being able to incorporate and tailor this type of service into your overall health care packages...

Currently Clinpath support the Aged and Home Care sector with the provision of domiciliary services for those patients who are physically unable to attend a Collection Centre.

As services continue to expand within the Aged and Home Care sector, we are also keen to tailor services which align with your operational models - especially those which are of benefit to the primary recipient.

Please contact us to day if this service is of interest.


Domiciliary Services

Clinpath provide domiciliary services for those patients who are high risk or physically not able to attend a collection centre. This service is a priority service providing patients with access to a mobile Phlebotomist.

Clinpath work with Residential Aged Care facilities to build and implement services that are tailored to the needs of the facility, ensuring that patient care and service excellence are a primary focus at all times.

This service is supported by a team of specialist staff who assist to transport, process and result all collections in a timely and efficient manner.